An Easy Solution to Healthy, Homegrown Potatoes

Russian Banana, Purple Peruvian and French Fingerlings, to name a few. To you, it might sound like gibberish, but to us, these are the names of some of our finest gourmet potato crops. At SouthWind Farms, we grow a variety of high-quality, distinctive varieties of America’s favorite vegetable. All of our potatoes are grown in rich, volcanic soils, which contribute to the quality of the produce. The heirloom shapes and textures make for fun, unique preparations and colorful dishes. Our growing techniques offer delicious, earthy flavors.

We get it: Carbs might not be your thing. We hear they’ve been getting a bad rap these past few years. So just in case you need some more convincing that healthy carbohydrates from potatoes are good for you, here are a few fun facts:

  • Potatoes contain no fat.
  • They’re low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Potatoes are high in heart-healthy fiber.
  • The unique color varieties grown at SouthWind are higher in antioxidants.

So go ahead, add a potato to your plate. Your protein’s been lonely.

Individual Products

Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes

In an effort to bring the best potato varieties to Idaho, we bring you the Russian Banana Fingerling Potato. This tasty tuber is long, slender and yellow in color. It’s great roasted or boiled in salads and offers a great-tasting, nutty flavor.

Red Thumb Fingerling Potatoes

Not to be confused with the result of your dad with a hammer & nail. These fingerlings are famous for their ruby skin and marbled pink centers. Creating rave reviews when roasted or grilled, they can also be boiled or steamed. Considered the perfect side for any season.  Also, no limbs were harmed in the growing of these potatoes. 

Purple Fiesta Fingerling Potatoes

Boasting purple skin and dark purple flesh, the Fiesta Fingerling is the perfect addition to your next party (fiesta, in Spanish). These purple tubers are ideal for boiling or baking whole and can add great color and a fun twist to traditional potato dishes.

Mixed Medley Fingerling Potatoes

Not sure if any one kind of fingerling is right for you? Then mix it up with Southwind’s Medley. This colorful combo contains our famous Russian Banana Fingerling, Ruby Crescent Fingerling, Purple Peruvian Fingerling, & French Fingerling. This mixture is guaranteed to liven up any dish.

Mini Mixed Medley Fingerlings

Don’t let the name fool you there is nothing mini about these fingerlings, well except their size. Packed with the same great flavor as our regular sized fingerlings. These potatoes are great for those days when you don’t want to spend hours preparing your meal. Just wash and add to your pot roast or favorite soup then sit back and watch how fast these mini fingerlings disappear.

Our current potato and produce selection brings you the best available, but we've never been the type of company to simply stop there. We're constantly searching the world for more exceptional varieties to offer you and your family, so check in with us every now and again. You never know what new and exciting options we'll have on hand.