Construction Nearly Complete

Idaho Fingerling Potato RecipeFood safety and quality is our number one goal at Southwind Farms, and over the past several months we have invested in a serious facelift.

You can still smell the fresh paint!

In 2013 we underwent some major facility changes at Southwind Farms. Now nearing completion, we have effectively doubled the size of our building, from 12,000 SF to 23,000 SF. Some of the new features of the roughly $2 million renovation include:

  • 33% more cold storage space
  • an automatic bag-filler
  • 2-bay truck dock
  • a new break room for employees
  • brand new men’s and women’s bathrooms

In addition, we’ve created space for a future packaging machine and we’ve doubled the capacity of our off-site storage facility.

You’ve got the extra space; do you have the extra potatoes?

Yes. By adding to our land position, we’ve increased the size of our Southwind Potato crop by 40% to keep pace with demand. We are now able to grow more, process more and store more fingerling potatoes.

Our new, state-of-the-art facility will not only help improve efficiency for our larger crop, and allow us to keep up with the rigorous demand (fingerling potatoes are the fastest growing category of potatoes), the top-of-the-line storage facility will also ensure that every box or bag of our fingerlings is fresh and of the high quality you have come to expect from Southwind Farms.