Fingerlicious Recipe Contest Winner

We’re pleased to announce Daniel Swift as the first ever Fingerlicious fingerling potato contest winner.  Daniel is originally from Boise, Idaho and familiar with cooking and eating potatoes.  He was every excited to submit this recipe for Sriracha Bacon-Wrapped Potato Pops into the Fingerlicious fingerling potato contest.  Daniel takes the sweetness of the fingerling potato, matches it with the smokiness of the bacon and brings in the heat of the sriracha to create a truly unique flavor.  They are finished with the toppings of a traditional baked potato. It’s the perfect bite sized appetizer and a huge hit for everyone.


Smashed Fingerling Potatoes

Whether you call them Irish Road Kill, Crash Hot Potatoes or Roasted Smashed Potatoes, the results are the same: Creamy, crispy and bursting with flavor.

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Fingerling Potato Stuffing in Pork Crown Loin

Each year when the leaves change color and temperatures drop, our taste buds inevitably start to crave fall-specific foods and flavors. This recipe, featuring an herb-roasted crowned pork loin with a simple-but-elegant fingerling and pearl onion stuffing, will help take some chill out of the fall air (sweater not included).

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Idaho Fingerling Potato Salad

Idaho Fingerling Potato RecipeAt Southwind Farms we are always excited to see how people are incorporating our product into new and refreshing recipes. This particular fingerling recipe was created by Executive Sous Chef Josh Loeb, at The Lodge in Pebble Beach, California for our friends over at the Idaho Potato Commission.

This Fingerling Potato salad is a new refreshing take on a time honored staple at every summer activity. Feel free to spice up your potato salad with this homerun of a recipe and see what reactions your friends and family will have.

Perfect Super Bowl Fingerling Appetizer

Fingerling Potato Appetizer

Are you looking for a fun recipe this Super Bowl season that not only gets eaten but will impress your guests at the same time? Look no further. From our friends at the Idaho Potato commission comes one of our favorite appetizer recipes.

Andouille & Ramp Stuffed Idaho® Fingerling Potatoes with Sweet/Hot Red Pepper Sauce

It’s great chorizo and earthy potato flavor mixes to make a zesty treat!

Fingerling Potatoes for Valentine’s Day

Fingerling Potato Candy BoxWe recently were asked to supply the fingerling potatoes for this seasonal spot promoting Idaho potatoes.

Who would have thought our fingerlings would look so good in a heart shaped box?

Looking for a delicate and delightful addition to your Valentine’s Day meal? All of us at Southwind Farms suggest adding fingerling potatoes to your plate! Fingerlings offer fresh flavor and bright color that will liven up any plate. Fingerling potatoes are great for roasting, baking, frying, sauteing, boiling and potato salads. Celebrate this day de l’amour with a welcome addition everyone will love!

For some exquisite recipes check out our Fingerling Recipes Page

Fingerling Potato Pizza Anyone?

We teamed up with the Idaho Potato Commission and Chef Rocco Whalen, Fahrenheit, in Cleveland, OH. We supplied the fingerling potatoes and Chef Whalen brought the creativity.

Idaho® Fingerling Potato Pizza