2012 Caito Foods Seminar, A Winning Season!

Fingerling potato booth - Caito seminar 2012Every year our friends at Caito Foods put on a seminar where they invite their most coveted produce suppliers and also over 500 of their customers for a two day meet and greet. Southwind Farms had the pleasure of being the exclusive Idaho fingerling grower & fingerling shipper in attendance. We were very honored to be selected to attend the seminar and educate Caito’s customers about the feasibility and relative ease of offer fingerling potatoes in a retail setting. We had a great time and looking forward to many lasting relationships that were made.

Check out a few of the photos taken at the seminar.

Southwind Farms Fingerling Potato BoothMaster fingerling grower shipper, Rod Lake
Southwind Fingerling potatoes friendSouthwind Fingerling FriendSouthwind fingerling friendSouthwind farms fingerling potatoes booth
Southwind Fingerling FriendsFingerling Friend sporting IPC potato hat

*Sorry for the blurry pictures. Less coffee for the photographer next time!

If you are interested in ordering fingerling potatoes through Caito Foods Service use the contact info below.



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